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You saved yourself hours of copywriting!

The next section contains 10 emails.

Simply open the lesson and copy the content for use into your preferred email client.

  • For maximum brownie points, I would recommend you load them into an autoresponder, and drip them as a sequence over 10+ days to your list. The sequence is not important.

Or you can simply pick and choose and broadcast each email whenever you wish - its entirely up to you.

Permissions Included:

  1. You have my permission to copy and use these emails either "as is," or you can edit them and use them that way.
  2. You do not have my permission to resell them.
  3. You may not share them with others.
You can use them for your own personal and business use to promote your own products and services.

Further to #3 above

If a friend wants a copy of these emails, become an affiliate and share the link with them. This way, you'll get 50% of any sales, and we all stay friends =)

Ok, that's it.

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